Saturday, January 8, 2011

New ballet pattern on its way!

I'm super sick today. I have a sore throat and can't move without getting extremely exhausted. In order to amuse myself, I explored the internet. In my wanderings, I came across a website called Jalie that specializes in sewing patterns for sportswear. This is all types of sports wear, from cycling to ballroom dancing. They also have some everyday patterns on there such as lingerie (another pattern I'm interested in since you rarely see patterns for them) and leggings. They have some pretty unusual patterns, which I absolutely love. Go visit Jalie's site here.
Jalie 2105 - Unitard, Leotard, and Skirt
What's really helpful is that these patterns come in adult and children sizes. That means adult dancers like me can get a leotard pattern that doesn't need much modification. SCORE!

Though there were many patterns I liked, they are also expensive. Granted, they are the same price as Simplicity and McCalls, but for those you just wait until they are on sale. These will probably never be on sale since they are a lesser known company. Only a couple indie sewing stores actually carry these products. Also, since this pattern company is located in Canada, you get higher fees and shipping rates. The shipping to my area is as high as eight bucks. Luckily, I found a better website located in the US that distributed this particular pattern for a much cheaper rate. In the end, I will only spend about fifteen dollars. Much better. You can find that great deal at Nearsea Naturals

I'm definitely planning on sewing the leotard and skirt. I've been meaning to buy some leotards for my adult class but have never gotten around to it. By sewing these myself, I will not only be able to customize the clothing for my needs, but will save me some cash. So, reviews and pictures to come once I begin the project!

Update: Leotard is finished! See the results here.

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