Friday, January 14, 2011

Transfering My Reviews to Amazon + Ballet List Creation

Hi everyone! Well, "hi, no one" is what I should be saying since I've decided to copy my reviews and place a shortened version on Amazon. Since I don't expect this blog to be popular, I would like people to at least be able to see the reviews I made. I shamefully tagged this blog in the review, partly in hopes someone will find it interesting and in other hopes that they will be able to see the screenshots I took.

But most importantly, I put together this list of ballet themed exercise videos. Since school is starting and ballet classes are becoming regular again, I really won't need to use them to stay in shape over a long course of time. But, if someone is still interested in them, I compiled a decent sized list of almost all the ballet themed books and DVDs that use ballet as an exercise. Some of these on the list I do have planned to review and those will come shortly after I exercise with them for a couple more times and get the screencaps.

So for those who may be interested, here's the Amazon list I created to help you find the perfect exercise video featuring ballet: Ballet Based Exercises!

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