Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ballet Class - 1/13/11

Today is an extremely busy day. I have ballet, volunteer work (the largest chunk of my day), and visiting friends before they return to college all day today. I'm definitely an introvert and I need time to relax in between, and I especially need rest before the new semester starts up. It's the volunteer work that's getting to me. They keep calling me and emailing me. Plus, I also have to do some work for the school newspaper later this week so I hope they don't start calling me then, too.

Anyway, today in ballet was okay. I'm feeling more confident about the ballet exercises but I'm still entirely confused about this frappé exercise she has us do. Apparently, the directions are front, side, front, side, back, side, back, side, and then it repeats or something? I know there are doubles in there somewhere but I'm just too confused to even attempt them. Then we did a difficult floor combination. I just can't seem to pick up everything in time. Another woman started taking the class after me and she's been doing fabulous, which eliminates the "I'm new" excuse. There's no way I'm going to be able to get en pointe within five years. No way. Sadly, if at all :(

In good news, I ordered some exercise bands to help me with pilates and building strength in my legs for ballet as this video helps demonstrate. I ordered the same ones she uses in the video and with the same strengths (red and blue). Also, I received word from NearSea Naturals that my ballet pattern has been shipped today. I can't wait to receive it! The only thing I have to look for now is some good lycra fabric. Hopefully some that is on sale.

Also, my school newspaper is looking for people with New Year's resolutions. Since mine is to start ballet again, they might feature me since it's slightly different. They want me to take a picture with my shoes or in a ballet pose... I might do with my shoes even though they aren't pointe shoes. I'm just not feeling too confident about myself to do a pose at the moment.

For all other adult beginners out there, keep going strong! Don't give up! I'm not! Ballet is great exercise! :)

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