Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lion Tamer Costume Finished!

There she is! Took me long enough, but I'm done!. This outfit will be worn with boats, black pants, my black leotard, and this. It's hard to see, but the black part of the jacket has roses on it to add a touch of texture. The vest is tea-stained to match the fabric I used for the ruffles. Overall, this costume cost me about $28 to make. Could be more, could be less because I was disorganized with my receipts *-.-*

I had pictures of the progress I made, but the files on my memory card are corrupt. I have no idea how to recover them, but luckily, the final result pictures made it.

The pattern I used was not my own, but Simplicity's 2525:
With some minor alterations, I was able to complete this jacket. The main difference is the volume around the arm holes. I took most of the poof out to give the jacket a more masculine appearance and to accommodate for the epaulettes.

I would be careful using canvas for the interfacing. I used more of a duck cloth to provide the interfacing, and it can be quite tight in the elbows. Otherwise, it is fine in the shell, and necessary for the collar.

The armholes are also to small for a girl with arms as big as mine. I made the armholes slightly bigger. I wish I had added more fabric at the end of the sleeves, but it'll do.

The fabrics I used are:
Broadcloth - red
Broadcloth - interfacing
Jacquard - black
Broadcloth - tea-stained white
??? - ruffles (I used someone's old scrap from a garage sale, feels silky)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm Not Dead

Wow, how long has it been?! I've been incredibly busy. Not only did I have an insane workload last semester, I'm now in summer school. Still, I'm planning well in advance for my Halloween party! My fall semester is going to be crazier than the last (Physical chemistry, chemical analysis, biophysics, and all their labs. Yikes! I would say pray for me but I'm an aspiring scientist ;P )

I already have this year's theme ready and it's....


Yeah, that's right! Evil clowns, hall of mirrors, cotton candy.... that's the plan. I've already been garage saling for some items and have started on my costume. My eyelids can barely stay open right now, so I'll leave it at that. Just expect a couple of updates about the costume I'm making and the awesome garage sale items I've found, plus I'm going to be posting about music, decorations, crafts, and other carnival party goodies.
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