Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ballet Exercise Videos

Here it is guys! This is my top list for ballet videos. All exercise videos that had little to no ballet will be booted off immediately. These list will mostly be based on my final opinion of the exercises, not by the overall score I originally gave them. Reasoning is: 1) the overall score is based on the factors I was grading on. Though these covered most bases, didn't cover everything, and 2) I feel like if I had to review some of these again, I would give them a different score after viewing better/worse exercise videos after them.

Let's begin!

Eliminated: Pure Barre and Yoga Booty Ballet

This exercise gets the bottom of the list, but perhaps this is because I'm not the target age for this exercise. This exercise is geared toward women over 50, and I'm only 20. Since I found this exercise far to simple, I gave it the lowest spot on my list. Still, others may find it of great use. 

This exercise made me sweat, but it was just too jarring at times! Though I loved the studio they performed in, the jarring exercise, the ultimatum, makes me score it lower.

Though the exercise was really great, the confusing main menu and narrator make me but this around the middle of my list. It's just not as good as its sequel. 

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted this as third or not. This video is better for beginners, but not as long. Also, it can be quite deceiving about how many exercises it has on the DVD. 

This had a strong ballet based workout, but the floor exercises will need a lot of practice before you can keep up with her. I highly recommend this video.

This DVD took all of the errors of the original and improved them. If you want a ballet DVD, this is one of the ones I would recommend you try first. It's well worth your money and has a great instructional video for beginners. Fabulous!

I love, love, love this DVD! It's the one I look forward to the most when selecting an exercise DVD. It's cheap, it's well-made, it has a strong ballet exercise, and is just the right length. The only thing I wish it had was a section specifically for learning proper form. Otherwise, this is my favorite exercise DVD that I would recommend to all looking for a ballet fitness workout.


  1. Thank you! This is really helpful.

  2. Thank you!!! I was just asking my Facebook friends for recommendations when I found this.

  3. I just ordered your top pick- cannot wait!!

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  7. Awesome, this is really a great list. I was about to get the New York City one but I guess I can put a pass and get Element instead.


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