Friday, March 25, 2011

Body Double for Black Swan Speaks Out

Just when I thought I heard enough about this movie, I get this article on my Yahoo home-screen. Though I could have easily not clicked on it, my curiosity got the best of me. As usual XD. Plus, I thought it interesting that it was bashing the movie instead of praising it to high heaven.
So anyway, if you don't want to read it, here's what it says: Natalie's body double, named Sarah Lane, says that she did most of Natalie's dancing in the movie, but in order to make it seem like Natalie became amazing dancer in less than a year, they hid her body-double in the background and removed segments of her in the "making of" sections of the DVD.
The comments on the bottom from other people fall into either of these categories: "Poor Sarah :( that sucks," "It's so obviously not Natalie dancing anyway," "Natalie did an okay job for someone learning," and "It's your job to be in the background!"

My response? Pfffft... big deal. You're a body double. That's sort of your job. Plus, it was really, really obvious that Natalie did almost none of her own dancing. (Unless you consider spotting or running back and forth on stage a dance move, then she did a lot more. ) Yes, Natalie's a-MAZE-ing dancing was blown waaaaay out of proportion, but it's time to move on. Besides, why get all mouthy about it now? You should have done this around Oscar time... if ever.

I feel a bit bad now for saying Natalie's dancing was okay, even though I truly believe it. It's just that my dance teacher is friends with one of the women who trained her, so I feel like I'm insulting my teacher when I don't think Natalie's performance was anything spectacular. I want to say sorry in case she somehow comes across this blog, but it's really how I feel about this movie..

So what are your opinions? Don't be afraid to leave a comment. I'll only gouge your eyes out :P

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