Monday, March 28, 2011

Paying for Classes

 Phew, I just paid my tuition for next month's worth of classes. I go to a park district so I can get a deduction based on my residency. Still, I just paid $210 for a little over one month of classes. I know that may seem like nothing to other people, but for a college student who can't find a job in this economy, that is the cost of one of my kidneys.

If this keeps up, I may not be able to keep dancing. Unless a company finally responds to my resume and job application, I'll be forced to either drop to once a week only, switch studios, or be so unlucky as to drop ballet altogether. 

Is this $15/class a good price for dance classes? Other adult dancers, how much do you pay per class? Are you satisfied with your studio? I tried doing research on other dance studios in my area, but (get this) all I got was a bunch of "this link is missing" errors or they just won't let me click on links. So much for doing research....

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