Friday, August 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland - Halloween Party Updates

My party is going awesome so far! I calculated the total amount spent, subtracted how much I earned secret shopping for some of the items, and I came to about $18.22. I spending most of my budget on food, I think, since I'm currently making half the decorations out of card decks or papier-mache.

I finally finished my American McGee's Alice costume today! It's pretty much completely done; there are just a couple minor things I want to fine-tune before wearing it on Halloween. It looks pretty close to the picture and I feel I did a great job creating my own pattern for it. Can't wait!
I need to fix the back mostly: the bow's too droopy and the zipper's showing.

On a slightly different note, the funniest thing happened at the grocery store today. I saw a Halloween magazine at the checkout and just decided to flip through it to see if there was anything interesting.... Well, guess what I happened to find? An Alice in Wonderland themed party in there! I was completely floored. Usually when I find Alice themed parties, they are for the summertime and for kids. This is not only for adults, but for Halloween! I had to buy it.

This magazine was a special issue of "Better Homes and Gardens." They had some really cute ideas in there, but I'm probably going to stick with my ideas mostly. You can view part of it online here. They mostly had great food ideas and some decoration suggestions. I liked this one food idea: "Convert finger sandwiches...into saucy playing cards with hearts cut from roasted red pepper slice." That sounds pretty cute. The magazine says I can get the recipes on their website, but for some reason it's not loading properly. I'll have to try again.

One in particular I thought was absurd: "Use a few books to raise one side of an empty china cabinet...Then carefully arrange not-so-good china to look as if it slid topsy-turvy." Umm....I can easily see that falling over and hurting someone...not to mention damage the wall it was resting on.

Update: I have tried a Alice in Wonderland craft from this book! I give improved instructions, as well as pictures of my final results, HERE!

Lots of excitement in regards to Halloween! Working on the Jabberwocky skeleton as we speak!

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