Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long time, Little blogging

I know, I haven't posted for a long time. I've just been so busy! I did try and complete my "before" videos to mark my progress, but I was so tired and hot, that it looks exceptionally worse than usual. Also, at some points, you can see right up my shorts. Yeeeeah... I don't want publicity that way.

So, anyway, despite all the camera issues and the fact that I was croaking in that room, here's a video of me BEFORE on chaîné turns and piqué turns. I later totally mess up a routine I made up to combine the two. 

It looks worse than I imagined :( I have a loooooooong way to go.

The day I took this was an interesting day. The snow had just fallen in the Chicagoland area. We got well over two feet. I received no word from the studio about class being canceled, so I attended anyway. When I got there, the regular studio doors were locked. There was no one inside, so I knew that it had been canceled. I still wanted to practice a bit; I walked over to another studio doors, tried the handle, and... Voila! It opened.

I slipped inside, changed into my uniform, and started practicing at one of the barres there. It wasn't long before I heard people walking around in the hallway outside. The door to the studio opened, and a man stuck his head in the room. I froze because I knew I wasn't supposed to be there. He completely missed me, even with the mirrors completely revealing me.

This happened several more times, this time with me at the barre. It was while I was trying to film my before video that he finally noticed me. I actually have it on camera: me trying to explain that the door was open. He really didn't seem to care though. He ended up being a janitor at the place trying to fix the heating in the room. He was really nice about it, and let me stay there. He even offered to help me with the music, but since the CD player at that studio is so complicated, I told him I was okay with silence.

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, I guess!

Anyway, he allowed me to practice in that studio for about an hour. I was so happy! That was really nice of him, but it was just too hot in there to take additional footage for my before video. I figure what I have right now is a pretty good indicator since it uses the whole body.

Also, I haven't even started watching the videos I have planned for this month. I've just been way too busy. I'll get started soon and post some pictures up right away!

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