Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fabric Swatches!

My swatches for my leotard fabric finally came! YES! There was a huge mix up and I got the wrong swatches, but all's good now! I have the correct ones. For those popping in, I bought my swatches from Distinctive Fabrics since they give five free swatches AND they have the specific fabric I'm looking for for quite cheap! I'm planning on buying both types of Lycra they offer and making leotards out of both of them.

#1 - Cotton Lycra; #2 - Spandex Lycra

Immediate impressions--

Cotton Lycra:
It's softer.
It seems to collect more hair and dust.
Feels like Tshirt fabric
Looks like more air can get through the cloth so it may be more "breathable"

Spandex Lycra:
It's smoother
It feels almost like swimsuit material
Has a slight shine
Stretches more
Tighter weave/less light can get through

As you can see from the picture, the weaving is also different. This gives the fabric a different, distinct feel. The cotton has more lint clinging to it, by the Spandex is smooth so it's difficult for lint to cling to. I'm going to get about a yard of each and experiment with both. I'll post the results up here once I finish. That will probably be some time from now since I've been so busy lately!

In other news, I've had the music from Swan Lake's Prologue stuck in my head ALL day today. I was whistling to myself in the hallways when I realized that if I switched the notes around a bit, it would sound like an Eminem song. ("This Looks Like a Job for Me," yeah, we're going back in time a bit there.)

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