Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Blog; Aiming for a New Me

Hi everyone, whoever is listening, my name is Rose. Now, here's the blog and here's why I'm doing it:


"Oh, hey!" I'm sure you're saying right now. "That's not too bad. You can do it!" Here's the thing, I'm 20 years old and have a limited amount of dance experience. And I want to go en pointe. This is one of my life goals, and I want to accomplish it before my body starts breaking down on me. This blog will mark my progress. Maybe I'll be able to inspire other older folks out there, like me, to be able to seek their dreams. Yes, I know, twenty years is hardly old, but when twelve-year-olds start en pointe and train for their whole lives, I am a tad behind.

My dance experience is, like I said earlier, limited. I did study ballet as a kid and stopped when I was nine. I do have some residual effects from those times, mainly my ability to spot, my turn-out (though not perfect is better than some), and my ability to jump higher than most people. I'm not even kidding about the last one. I remember in high school we were playing Sharks 'n Minnows. We had to cross the "ocean" by various methods of locomotion. When we had to skip, I skipped higher than anyone else. It was quite scary, but the weather was great up there. 

My experience also includes some dance team and color guard. Believe it or not, I believe color guard has prepared me more for ballet than dance team. That's because our dance team was quite pathetic, which was a shame because we had some talented dancers. After high school, I just stopped dancing. I took up yoga and ab classes at my university, but that's about it. I'm done. But I don't want it to be done.

I do not want to be a professional. I do not want to "wow" anybody. I just like to dance. And for all those listening, thank you.

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