Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the puzzle pieces fall together...

Today was my second day of adult ballet classes. I arrived fifteen minutes early to stretch, and then I waited... and waited... I was starting to get so nervous that I got the wrong day, but my teacher arrived so it was a huge sigh of relief. Anyway, today went marvelous. After two weeks I finally could dance again. I got lots of corrections, which makes me very happy. Apparently, I lean back too much during pirouettes and chaines. That would explain A LOT. T.T

I should really post of a picture of my ballet classroom here so you guys aren't just listening to me babble.

Many of the girls in my class want to see the movie, The Black Swan. I admitted I didn't like it but that the ballet portions were the best in the film, which is what they seemed the most interested in anyway. My teacher actually just wants to see it because a close friend of hers was the one who trained Natalie Portman for her role. Everyone seemed the most put off by the fact it was a horror movie. I tried telling them it wasn't scary, just a little gross, but that didn't seem to help. 

Anyway, the puzzle pieces fall together because today I spoke to another woman in my class. She manages a company that helps mentally ill patients. I have been looking for someone to intern/volunteer for since...well... a really, really long time. She seemed interested in letting me on and promised to get my phone number next class (we were on our way out the door already). It seems ballet is not only going to help me with my dance obsession, but also my possible career outside! I'm so happy I could just die! Ha haha :D

Goals: better posture, more balance and control during pirouettes and chaines

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